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In 2002, an idea was born in a seminary dorm room that has blossomed into something far bigger than we ever could have imagined...


Currently the St. Nektarios Education Fund has established five schools: one in Serem, Kenya, and four in Uganda: Lwemiyaga, Butembe, and two in Gulu. We use an on-the-ground needs assessment process to determine how best to serve the local community, working with government officials, the local church, and community leaders to create schools that truly serve the people.

 “We’re stepping in at the greatest level of need, which is upper level education,” Fr. Evan says of the work in Uganda. A large number of youth have completed primary school but are unable to continue their education. The schools we have built help to realize the government’s desire for STEM education—science, technology, engineering, and math.

Additionally, through listening to the people, we discovered that the issue of clean water needs to be addressed before focusing on education—water not only for the students but for entire communities. Because of this need, we are now partnering with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) to provide sources of clean water and hygiene facilities.

We also look for ways to increase sustainability for the schools to become truly independent by earning revenue through cash crops and other means.

Click on the photos above to learn more about the schools and the communities that they serve.


Your donation will help change the lives of thousands of children and

through education, help them to build a bright new future.

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